Sample Itinerary


DAY 1:

Arrival at Hacienda Primavera Wilderness Ecolodge

The Hacienda Primavera Private Transportation can pick you up from anywhere in Quito (or Otavalo). The three-hour scenic drive from Quito to the Hacienda passes through the flower plantations of Cayambe, over the Andes Mountains and down to the valleys of the Imbabura province. Stop for some pictures at Cayambe’s own Equator Monument. Take in the beauty of the San Pablo Lake and drive through the city of Ibarra into the sugar cane valley of Salinas. Follow the Mira River and pass over the Guallupe Bridge along the Gualchan River to your destination, Hacienda Primavera Wilderness Ecolodge. Enjoy the surroundings of the beautiful cloud forest with full luxury, and gourmet food. Lunch and dinner will be served. Take a walk around the grounds or relax for the rest of the day.

DAY 2:

Horseback Ride

Breakfast is served when you get up (no time constraints here!). Familiarize yourself with the cowboys and guides while they prepare the horses for the day. Horses are available for all types of riders: beginners to experts. There are several trails that follow the Rio Blanco and Gualchan Rivers with a choice of 7 different destinations. On the trails, you will see the typical daily activities of the neighborhood mountaineers, enjoy the lush vegetation along the trail, and spot the beautiful blue Morpho Eugenia butterfly and local birds. The horseback riding trips can take from about two to four hours, depending on the trail and rider capability. After lunch relax or walk around the hacienda visiting the many crops and fruits in production. Pick as many as you like, our staff will make delicious fresh juices or cocktails with them (papayas, pineapples, oranges, lemons, guayavas, guavas, bananas). With your freshly picked juice cocktail in hand, take a dip in our unique freshwater pool.

DAY 3:

Hacienda Trail Hike with Magnificent Views of Andes Mountains

Photography opportunities abound! Hike or Horseback the hacienda trail with the cowboys towards the herd and see the west side of the Andes Mountains from the Hacienda fields. Experience a day of work at the Hacienda. Herd and milk the cows, check the pregnant females, and maybe you will have a chance to help deliver a calf; it is a true experience. Visit our new organic cloud forest coffee plantation of 26 acres and learn about the organic farming experience. Trip duration is four hours.

DAY 4:

Cloud Forest Expedition Horseback & Waterfall Hike

Ride the horses half way up the trail and then hike on foot from there through the cloud forest, up along the river towards the waterfall (rubber boots can be provided). Keep an eye out for sloths and the giant bromeliad orchids while enjoying the mountain lemons growing along the trail. Take a dip in the crystal waters of the spectacular waterfall. Trip duration is around three hours. In the afternoon, take a walk into town. Meet the friendly local people and visit a local school for some remedial Spanish/English lessons.

DAY 5:

White Water Rafting Expedition

Raft with our expert partner company Yacu Amu Rafting. Expert guides give a 30-minute lesson before heading down river. Jackets, helmets and paddles are provided. There are two rivers to choose from, it is a great experience and a lot of action. This expedition lasts five hours. Come back for lunch and rest in our hammocks overlooking the forest or curl up with a good book.

DAY 6:

Visit Otavalo Craft Market and Return to Quito

After breakfast, travel back to Quito and stop in San Antonio, the woodcraft artisans’ town. Continue to the town of Otavalo where you can purchase beautiful Ecuadorian handcrafts at the famous Otavalo Indigenous Craft Market. Have lunch near Otavalo or Lake San Pablo, and continue on in the afternoon to Quito.
Note:Guests who want a shorter itinerary can choose from these activities. Scheduling is completely flexible and guests may choose their activity on a day-by-day basis with the guide. However, white-water rafting and the train ride must be reserved prior to arrival.